Secure traveling with Exvisa revolutionary step


Trust is the future of the global travel system, global communications and transport have been so much revolutionized over the past decades. These advancements are still new to the travel industry, but these digital solutions can move the global system from physical to digital boarders. Digitalization has become the core of every journey from biometric authentication and digital identification to seamless airport transfers it has become unavoidable. This development has empowered security organizations and intelligence with better intelligence, tools, and data to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

Here are a few of the main ways we can make travel safer and secure:

Move to Exvisa:

Over time, the entire process of immigration, emigration, and relocation should be wholly automated with verified biometric data on an electronic platform. As e-visa is facilitating immigration work, travelers, and reducing paperwork in a similar manner Exvisa is going to digitalize passport also. Tolga Akcay the CEO of has launched an amazing technology to add more security measures in international security to keep states, countries, and regions secure with the state of the art technology. Exvisa in not only the electronic visa and passport system but ensures the availability of the important information of a person to the authorities and whom it may concern.

Exvisa can stop illegal immigration and fraud traveling documentation in a more secure and trusted way. Tolga Akcay has assured the foolproof security of an individual’s data by using blockchain technology to keep your data protected from hackers. Exvisa is going to open new ways of opportunities for students and workers who want to get an education or job in other countries. The countries and companies can easily get access to their information and able to select candidates according to their capabilities. With this advancement in the traveling industry will provide the following benefits:

  • More data and intelligence sharing:

By sharing data on travelers between international security agencies and sovereign national governments will develop trust between countries and states. This collaboration and coordination will be so easy with Exvisa.

  • Involvement of travelers:

Exvisa will make travelers able to own their digital identity (digital visa & passport) on the move and will able to push their data in advance to enjoy a comfortable journey. This participation from the traveler’s side will provide pre-clearance and will allow international borders crossing more frequently and efficiently.

  • Multilateral agreements:

Exvisa will build a trustful environment between countries and states to provide easy immigration, emigration, and relocation. This will also stop illegal immigrations and relocations of people with fraudulent travel documents and this whole scenario will improve multiple agreements between countries for jobs, education, and man-power.

  • Needs and Requirements:

The online secure availability of traveler’s data to the countries and prestigious companies will open a broader way of opportunities between partner countries to share their eligible people to fulfill the needs and requirements of each other. It will also improve international travel and commerce between partner countries.

Exvisa is the bright future of the traveling industry and immigration operations.

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