Finding the Most Scenic Beaches in Jamaica


Jamaica is known for its reggae music and culinary scene. As a major Caribbean destination, the Jamaican island-scape also features interesting locations, from secluded beaches to great mountain trails. For those who are in Jamaica for the beach experience, here are some places to explore:

Montego Bay

This is probably the quintessential hip beach destination in Jamaica and one of the most referenced in pop culture. There are several beaches along this popular strip, which are dotted with hotels and bars. However, there are several areas in Montego Bay that offer exclusive access, such as Doctor’s Cave Beach and Cornwall Beach. But there are also public beaches in the area such as Dead End Beach.

Finding luxury accommodation is easy when in the Montego Bay area. Check out online sites such as exceptional villas for a list of available accommodations. Staying within the Bay area provides easy access to the hippest restaurants and beach bars in Jamaica.

Seven Mile Beach

Located in Negril, Seven Mile Beach is another option for the hip crowd. This long stretch of beach has amazing ocean scenery framed by cliffs in the background. While it is more laidback than Montego Bay, Seven Mile Beach has a thriving culinary scene for the food adventurers.

Here, visitors can find high-end restaurants alongside food stands that serve locally caught seafood and traditional Jamaican fare. The food stands serve anything from fresh fruits to jerk chicken and pork. Compared to the mainstream hotels and restaurants in the island, these food stands offer no-frills delicious local food served with a side of reggae music.

Treasure Beach

Located on the Southern part of Jamaica, this beach offers a quiet secluded tranquility. The long drive keeps the crowd away from Treasure Beach. This area is for those who like to see real island life beyond the strip, where fishermen head out each day to haul in the local catch.

Dotted with fishing villages, Treasure Beach is also being promoted as a sustainable tourism destination. Here, visitors have four coves to choose from, including Billy’s Bay, Calabash Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, and Great Bay. The nearby Santa Cruz Mountains also have hiking trails which lead to hidden falls and caves.

Boston Bay Beach

Another alternative beach destination, Boston Bay Beach is known as a surfing destination. Located in the north-eastern side of Jamaica, the coastal waves swell to ideal surfing heights attracting both locals and off-island visitors to the spot. Most of the beaches are open to the public. Another bonus for foodies, Boston Beach is known for its jerk pork and chicken food stands.

While Jamaica may be one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, there are plenty of ways to discover quiet spaces among the crowded locations. While Montego Bay and other popular locations draw the most activity, there is so much to see outside of this hotspot. In fact, Jamaica has beach areas where visitors can spend a quiet afternoon away from the touristy crowd.

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