Desert safari tour with BBQ dinner

There are many things that attract tourists to Dubai and a desert safari is one of the main things among them. People from far places visit Dubai to see its sand dunes, deserts and fun in the desert at night. With cheap flights to Dubai, you can live one of those fascinating nights in the desert in the form of a desert safari. The many direct flights to Dubai will give you enough options to choose the right flight in terms of money, time and convenience.

The desert safari Dubai includes many interesting things. If you do not have enough time to enjoy them all, you can always take two in the morning from 9am to 11am and enjoy interesting rides like Dune Bashing, Quad, Camel Ride and Sand Skiing. If the mornings do not suit you, try the evening from 4 pm to 10 pm, where you can enjoy things like Dune Bashing, BBQ dinner, belly dancing, skiing, shisha, sunset photography and so much more. In addition, for adventurers who plan to spend all night under the desert sky, it is possible to go on a desert safari with a barbecue dinner from 4pm to 9am the next morning.

Many tourists have trouble managing the dunes, for them there are other offers. You can try the evening from 19h to 22h where you can enjoy dinner, dancing, henna painting, skiing and shisha. There are many agents who offer these bookings and make the safari in the desert comfortable and enjoyable for you. They also manage huge groups with small family units. The desert safari is one thing in Dubai, without which your stay in Dubai is not complete. In fact, Dubai is one of the pioneers in the Desert Safari in Dubai offering. It’s a must-attend event in Dubai and you’ll have an unforgettable experience throughout your life for a dune bashing

Dinner includes:

Free flow of soft drinks and mineral water

Arabic tea, coffee, and fresh dates, Henna Painting

Breakfast with toast, jam, tea, fresh juice, and butter

Half Day Desert Safari

Dubai is not only famous for its beautiful modern architectural and heritage wonders, but it is also popular for its desert safari. Half-day desert safari offers unique options to explore the hidden beauty of the golden desert. We take you on an exciting ride through the desert on the golden sand dunes of the desert of Dubai in the comfort of the 4by4 vehicle fully insured. Then get on a camel for a 30-minute ride and have a fabulous sunset view over the desert dunes, are some of the memories you will never forget. You also have the opportunity to try the sandboard. This is the best adventure in Desert Safari Deals. Children under 5 years old are free in our package.

Tourists in Dubai like to spend a lot of time in the desert. That’s why different packages are offered to them. Depending on preference and pocket, you can try the morning, evening or night in the desert. With more and more direct flights to Dubai and many cheap flights to Dubai, your dream vacation in town and enjoying the desert safari are not too far now.

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