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The term ‘music movies‘ gets confused with the musicals all of the time, even though these movies are quite different one from another. Musicals are movies that include actors singing and dancing out big parts of the script, while a music movie is either a film about a struggling musician, that just wants to succeed playing his instrument or sing, or it can be a simple story about a few characters that just happen to attend the same dancing school, choir, or form a band.To put it in a simpler way, musicals are movies expressed through music, while music movies talk about music and musicians. Of course, the popular biographies about some of the most influential artist of this world are also considered as music films, although we usually find them in the biography, or in some cases even drama, department; these movies are The Doors, Walk the Line, Ray, Miles Ahead, What’s Love Got to Do with It, and many others.

The other, previously mentioned, branch of music films are simply movies that include some sort of singing, or instrument playing, and they usually come with another genre in hand. In the comedy music department, we can find movies such as Amadeus, Almost Famous, The Blues Brothers, School of Rock, and This is Spinal Tap. When it comes to more dramatic music movies, Whiplash must be one of the top films of the latest years, but there are other films here, that are well-worth watching; 8 Mile, High Fidelity, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Footloose.

As for the music TV series, there are quite a few series, that revolve around music, but still do not fail to deliver a plot worth following. One of the most popular and well-known might just be Glee; a series about a high-school glee club, that want to shine, butis certainly not immune to any typical high-school drama. You might also enjoy music series such as The Get Down, Star, Big Time Rush, and the amazing miniseries The Defiant Ones.

The line between a musical and a music movie may seem invisible, and in a lot of cases movies can step a little over it, but these two types of movies do have some significant differences. So if you enjoy a good music movie, music series, or even a nice musical, join us at the free-to-watch website fusionmovies.to, and take your pick.

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