The Best Ways to Avoid Getting a Bad Hotel Room

Every holiday maker’s nightmare is to reach their destination only to find that the hotel they booked is really horrible. Not just looking a bit naff, but crumbling walls, terrible service, smelly beds, missing things the advert promised or infested with rats. Having travelled far or paid a lot of money up front you could be confronted with a holiday that was supposed to be a relaxing break but which is now a hellish experience.There is however a number of ways you can ensure that you never find yourself in this situation.TestimonialsTestimonials are comments and recommendations left by previous guests of hotels that should give you an idea of the sort of experience they had. However, testimonials on a hotels website are usually edited or vetted by the hotel owners so you may only see positive comments there, though at least you will know that someone had a good time there.

Online ReviewsA better place to find more objective reviews is on one of the many online review sites such as Trip Advisor. These sites have listings of many hotels and cannot be directly edited by the hotel owners, so you will be more likely to hear a fair set of comments. Having said this, hoteliers can complain about certain comments to the website, which will then investigate by contacting the people who left the comment for some evidence of their presumably bad experience.Friend recommendationsIf you trust your friends then you could ask one of them for a recommendation for a hotel. They may have stayed somewhere like the Adelphi Liverpool which they may think you will enjoy or know someone else who can recommend somewhere for you to stay that could be classed as posh pads Liverpool. The only problem with this though is if you have very different standards when compared to your friends. Their super luxury might be your bargain basement.

Major online room selling companiesA good way to be sure that a hotel will meet a certain standard is to only book your hotel stays through a reputable online agency. These companies have a standard that they will require a hotel to meet in order for them to make it onto their website. This ensures the credibility of their website by making sure every hotel they send people to is going to provide a good experience. You can always complain to the agency if there is a problem and they have the power to kick a substandard hotel off their site.

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