The Best Horde Leveling Guide for Cataclysm

Finally the release of World of Warcraft Cataclysm has arrived. Hopefully you’ve done some preparation work saving all the gold your bag can hold and stashed away some of the high valued items for release day. However, if you are like myself and done nothing to prepare for launch day, not to worry as I will cover the most important part of any expansion, leveling.Every World of Warcraft expansion holds a new level cap for players. However, this expansion is a little different, as players only have to level up 5 times to reach the level cap of 85. Interestingly enough, the amount of experience needed for each level has significantly increased making it just like previous expansions. I personally dislike the change as levels will drag out even more but there is a simple solution for us hordies, finding the best horde leveling guide for Cataclysm.

Enough filler though – when it comes to leveling guides a few names should come to mind. If you are new to the whole leveling guides world, sit tight and read on as you’re in for a treat. Currently, the big players are: Zygor Guides, Dugi’s, and Joana’s. Honorable mentions go to Team iDemise (who have fallen off the map) and Vivi’s (pure text guides, thing of the past). The big three all use in game leveling addons and custom leveling paths to speed you from 1 – 85 in record-breaking times.Some of you may have heard of, or use, Questhelper, Carbonite, or even just the defaul Blizzard leveling addon. The difference is those leveling addons only show you the location of quest givers and quest areas. They don’t sift through and filter out all the time consuming quests and the path they give you is just based on what’s the closest. With a professionally developed leveling guide you can expect logical leveling paths that will have you picking up items for future quests while you are in the area, waiting to get the right amount of quests before you travel to a far away area, and only tell you to pick up the most efficient quests.

All three of the major names have these features and their leveling paths are all well written. The main difference is only one of them has a full time staff working on them, only one has ultra fast customer support, only one updates their guides for major patches as soon as possible, and finally, only one has a built in talent advisor that’s not a “bonus”. That’s Zygor Guides.I have no doubt all three will get you to 85 relatively fast. I have no doubt all three guides will please their consumers. However, the best horde leveling guide for Cataclysm is Zygor Guides. They are the industry leader and are constantly making improvements to their products.

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