How to Come to Terms With Death – A Most Compassionate Friend, Advisor, Confidant

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy; The True Meaning of LIfe: DeathBehind your pretentious mask, lurks the realization that you have one authentic desire: to find something, anything that really matters. True desire is a funny thing. If it’s genuine, “IT” must manifest. According to one ancient esoteric law, manifestation occurs when you realize you don’t want or need the ‘object of your desire’ anymore. In other words, when you’re no longer separated from yourself, by conflict; you can and do get anything you want. Most often times, mortals live in deep conflict and continue to do so for a very long time. Inconsistency is another word that better describes the obvious division existing within man. “…a double minded man is unstable in all his ways…” (Paraphrased)Contradiction/insincerity produces in an acute inability to communicate honestly and effectively. Antagonistic behavior, whether managed, maintained and controlled appropriately, reveals itself in ‘off the mark harmless tag lines.’ It’s certainly no accident that human beings resent others profusely while at the same time smiling through their elephant tusks obligingly You would envision that human beings, who are otherwise intelligent, curious, eager, invigorated, interesting, lively, spontaneous, fun-loving creatures, could find a way to bridge the gap of scrutiny they so falsely project.Although painfully shy, inhibited, insecure and afraid, humans do whatever is in their power to offset these unnatural characteristics by ‘putting on the dog’ exaggerating, and acting so superficially nice when in the company of those they want to impress, but at home turn into vicious tyrannical beasts. But, as life unfolds its crispy edges, things happen to curve the rigid line of discontent and phoniness. All must eventually face the bleak reality, ‘what cha gonna do about the nonnegotiable fact you’re gonna die’?

Human beings live as if they’re immortal; which in fact they are, but not on the pre-determined level they assume. Death must be encountered and redeemed! Sooner or later, we all come to terms with our obvious mortality and how pleased or displeased we are with the time have used while strolling through planet Earth. Gossip, backbiting, erroneous envying, competing, comparing, cheating, lying, and not forgiving seem to take a back seat to the idea of dying. Some people say it takes patience to live a fully integrated life with no regrets. I say it takes experiencing pure raw unadulterated pleasure! Human beings are intuitively pleasure seeking creatures.Pleasure evokes authenticity! No time for foolish acts of depravity or demoralizing scenes of hating your fellow man. When you are so immeasurably content doing what it is you are passionate about, you have nothing but warm sensually instilled thoughts for others to do the same. Instead of filling yourself with overburdened worries, concerns, obligations, and responsibilities, bursting at the seams, in tension, disappointment and depression, why not let go of the excessive striving and take hold of the circular jiving?You were not created to live in a lulled world of self-pity, self-concern, and self-involvement regarding how much you are accumulating, and how educated you are and in what position does your reputation rank according to the feeble standards of the world. You were created to gyrate, pulsate, and vibrate to the sound of your own primal instinctive rhythm of the soul.You are incapable of addressing your deepest sacred sexual artistic needs and desires when so hung up on the ideas of financial success, physical fitness, beauty, authoritative control, and power. . Though you go through the waxed motions each day, underneath your pretentious facade wreaks a hungry monster of discontent. You travel in and out of conversations, smiling, part time, complaining most times, and then screaming from your gut all the time!You will have to deal with the intense soul-awakening journey completely alone in order to discover the secret that death hides. It’s not something you can continue to push under the rug of complacency. Death is your greatest ally! He is your friend and most passionate lover of your soul’s intent. No other compensation will offer such rewardful solace as the heart to heart conversation with your impending death. You were born to learn how to die; that’s actuality in the blizzard blanketed wintertime.Here’s the esoteric cosmic deal: You are carrying a marvelous secret wrapped in the linen cloth of death! “IT” is a secret so profound, when exposed, unspoiled welcomed indescribable emancipation takes place in the twinkling of an eye. This radical transformation occurs in spite of you and your attempted interference to postpone its certainty. Nothing happens by accident. Every single event that transpires in your life happens for a Divine Reason and that sacred reason to attached to your specific demise.. You don’t know the reason for life; nor are you aware of any truth behind the reason for death. But what you can know is that “Death” knows all. Death is designed to enter so ‘naturally and conveniently’; you will be utterly surprised by the simplicity of the access to it. A one-time designated appointment with the infamous taskmaster of life bids you to live to the fullest in all of your endeavors. He will one day arrive to take you away from this entire splendor but rest assured not a moment too soon. No death occurs before its exact and precise time.

Death can be your best friend if you allow his company to aid you in your quests. He demands you get honest, real and fully pumping in your everyday otherwise mundane activities. The truth of the breath leaving your warm body stands while the rest falls away. You can try to avoid him; continue to hide from that ever present need to find your innate gifts and express them but you will be miserable and THEN you’ll die.Death is the ultimate celebration of a life thoroughly courageously passionately artistically sexually lived! If you ignore the reality of the innate impetus to connect with others on the same path, you will miss out on a tremendously vital self-orgasmic secret. By making friends with death, you won’t have to continue with self-defeating feelings of guilt, remorse, inferiority and blame. No longer afraid because you don’t know how or what to do with the nebulous unworthy and shameful feelings you’ve accumulated throughout the years; death will teach you let go and live effectively!How long can you persuade yourself and others that you’re not a phony? That you’re not driven by a need to impress? That you can and do act spontaneously, without expressing the superfluous need to apologize, defend, and excuse your various words and actions? When you put on the “…full armor of God…” (Paraphrased) to excite/exemplify true passion/enthusiasm for living artistically vibrant in this old world, the grave has no victory and surely death has no sting.

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