Great Hotel Deals: How to Use the Web to Find the Best Prices

For many people vacations are a time to splurge. You work hard, and it’s time to take the fruits of that hard work (money) and enjoy it for a little bit. But for me vacations are a time to save. And frankly, I think that gives me more opportunities to travel than many other people.Everything on your vacation is going to be marked up a ton, so saving money isn’t always that hard. Sometimes you can save a lot of money simply by asking for a lower price. It does actually happen.Problems You’ll FaceWhen most people book a hotel room, they don’t think about how much they could be saving. They might use a price comparison website to compare the prices on different hotels, or make a bid that hotels have the option of filling. For many people, they look at the prices, what the hotel includes, and that’s it. They do a minimal amount of research. Few people pay attention to reviews, and what comments people have had in the past, which is the biggest secret to finding great deals.

Another problem is that price comparison websites don’t always show the lowest prices. They’ll show the lowest prices that they can find, which can make a difference. Many people miss out on better deals because they don’t book through the right website.Finding High Quality OptionsPersonally, I don’t think that enough people make their hotel reservations based on quality. I think people pay a lot more attention to price. And it’s not just about the star rating of the hotel. You need to know how other people feel about their visits. How satisfied were they? Would they go again? Those are questions you need to know the answer to.Basically what I’m saying is that you should always check the reviews before you visit. If you’re going to pay a couple hundred dollars for a room (sometimes even thousands), then you should get to stay at a decent hotel. Most price comparison websites publish reviews about the hotels you’re looking at, but sometimes not many people have commented on them. If not, Trip Advisor almost always has great reviews that you can check out before you book the hotel.

Check to see how satisfied other people were with their stay, and see if it’s worth your time. Sometimes, you might get a better experience by staying at a cheaper 2 star hotel than you would at a more expensive 3 star option

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