5 Ways to Save on Summer Travel

The summer season means hotter and longer days, more free time, and new adventures. The hot weather also brings hefty travel prices. Keeping a budget may make summer traveling seem impossible, but don’t let it stop you from experiencing the wonders of traveling. Use our guide to save while still enjoying a summer vacation.

Stay Local

Avoid traveling to major summer vacation spots. Instead, visit theme parks, museums, fairs, and concerts at nearby cities or states. Only traveling two or three hours away from your home might not seem like the most exciting trip, but you’ll save loads of money by not having to pay for airfare. This money can go towards  splurging on other summer activities, food, and other trips.

Be Flexible

Aim to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday because those are the days with the lowest airfare rates. Avoid traveling on summer weekends because most people travel those days. A Cheapair study found that you save at least $73 flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of on a Sunday.

Don’t commit to a location. Deal sites like Sell Off Vacations let you purchase last minute vacation packages at very discounted prices. To grab the deals, be ready to buy as soon as they are offered because they sell fast. Also stay flexible with when you travel. Daily deal sites like Groupon also offer very discounted vacation packages, but with a little more control over your arrival and departure dates.

Consider traveling to states with multiple popular vacation cities. For example, Southern California has multiple tourist heavy cities, which are reachable by driving or taking a train.

Subscribe to Travel Discount Sites

Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia are just a few of the many price comparison travel sites out there. They help you find the best discounts on hotels and flights, and many of these sites also offer package deals. Expedia claims that using their site’s package service can end up saving you up to $570.

Also subscribe to sites that focus on monitoring airfare and hotel deals. A few sites to join their email listing are Airfare Watchdog and Secret Flying.

Be Basic

Skip the luxurious spa resort; choose a camping adventure instead. Staying on a campsite might end up costing you as low as $5 a day. You just need to make sure you reserve a spot far enough in advance to avoid losing out. You can use sites like Reserve America to book a camping spot.

Pick a campsite near other fun outdoor activities, such as a lake for swimming and fishing. Also bring your own outdoor activities and food. Make sure that your meal supply can be cooked on an open fire.

Buy with a Budget in Mind

Develop your budget once you decide on a vacation place. Then make sure your spending habits keep you on it. Become as frugal as possible to finance the trip’s expenses, which includes vacation spending money.

Here are a few examples of ways to stay frugal: Buy store brand foods at Walmart, use Groupon coupons when shopping at Hot Topic, and skip the Starbucks coffee.

Find big and small  ways to keep yourself dedicated to saving for your trip.

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