Exceptional Holiday Destinations for 2019 You Need to Book Before theYear Ends!

Travel is a great medicine for easing stress. It relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your soul. It keeps you fit, reduces heart disease and boosts your immune system. However, it can cause stress itself when there’s too many people on one aircraft at the same time. The lack of legroom can be painful, and you’ll never know what kind of passengers and available meals you’ll have with you throughout the entire flight.

Don’t make your flight a stress in itself. Opt instead for an international charter flight and enjoy a flight free of the crowd, check-ins and delays and arrive on time at the most anticipated travel destinations in 2019.

The Peloponnese, Greece

Tourists are ditching crowds by getting an international charter flight from Fort Lauderdale Airport to the quiet of the Peloponnese. Greece for a unique wellness and fitness experience just like the olympians of Athens. Relaxing olive oil massages in serene Peloponnesian beach resorts will definitely rejuvenate your senses and help you look forward to the new year. A fresh batch of local produce and hectares of vineyards will spark your curiosity and taste for Greek food and wine.

Ancient Cities of Egypt

Ideal for adventure-seekers eager to discover ancient tombs and temples, Egypt is a must-see for every wild adventurer who’s a fan of world history and architecture. The Grand Egyptian museum covers about $1 billion worth of artifacts including King Tutankhamun’s entire burial collection. You can also cool off during the day with a cruise on the Nile River from Aswan to Luxor and interact with dolphins on a snorkeling tour from Hurghada and El Gouna. Or just see a full view of Egypt’s ancient cities with a hot air balloon ride.


There’s more to this country than safari tours. A lot of creative and fun activities are being laid out for tourists, such as sightseeing at Lalibela’s churches made from rocks and visiting iconic castles, plus a cruise to Lake Tana and Lake Chamo where you will find hippos.

Moscow, Russia

This country is nothing short of a winter wonderland this season with beautifully-designed buildings in Moscow such as Sparrow Hills and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Don’t miss the Red Square, where you’ll see city folks skate their way across the ice.


Macedonia is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites with a captivating country charm and fewer people, so there’s more room to meditate and enjoy the serenity of the place. The Matkya Canyon is an interesting place in Macedonia which has caves, wildlife and medieval architecture. You can take international charter flights from one of Macedonia’s two international airports, Skopje and Ohrid. The Red October hub will also make you feel warmer in winter season.

Get started on booking flexible international charter flights as early as this month to save more on time and the cost of travel and enjoy the luxury of chartering a private jet wherever you may go.

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