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A good, professional suspension system in your 4×4 is vital. It’s something you need to take serious consideration about and glaringly obvious if you don’t. Not only will it make riding in the vehicle unpleasant but it can do untold damage to your vehicle’s frame, axles and many other parts that depend on the balance of a superior suspension system.

A suspension system is exactly what it says. It suspends the vehicle and holds it up and steadies it to ensure your ride is pleasant. If you’ve ever been in a vehicle without out a decent or a shot suspension system, you may not have many teeth left!

There are different types of suspension systems for your vehicle and that can make a big difference on the overall ride and drive. Whether you like driving up and over rocks, through water and mud, up and over sand dunes or just to the mall, you need that ride to be smooth. The harder the terrain, the smoother you need. Of course, the harder you drive the 4×4, the more you may need to service or upgrade the suspension of that car.

It doesn’t matter what you use your 4×4 vehicle for, driving around the city or driving rough terrain, a bad or shot suspension system will shake you right out of your boots. Even if you enjoy driving over the rocks and through the fields and consider that part of the pleasure, you still need a great system in place. A rough ride is only enjoyable if the suspension is working in tiptop form.

We have expertly trained staff who are more than happy to help you with whatever your 4×4 needs are. Suspension, steering, brakes, shocks, wheel alignment and airbag suspension, we cover it all. We can assess your problems and needs. Be sure to ask about our own assessment system, so we can finetune and help you get the perfect system for you and your vehicle’s needs.

We are very proud to offer you our TrakRyder, SportsRyder and other products. Our TrakRyder gives you an expert assessment personalised for you and your 4×4 vehicle. Whether you just drive across town or through your cattle field, we can find the perfect fit. We can also pair it with our unique Tow and Load Assessment, if you haul a small cart or a huge trailer, we got you there, too.

With over 60 years of experience and eight locations in eight major cities, all you need to know is Pedders is for you, your Brisbane 4×4 specialists. Whether it’s a new vehicle or your long loved 4×4 or truuck, trust Pedders to take care of whatever ails her. We have unique and trusted product names to take the worry out of suspension systems.

If you need more information, just a few questions or a specific store location, just visit Brisbane 4×4 specialists

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