5 Activities To Add On Your To-Do List This Summer

The Turks and Caicos are stunning in every way. The sandy stretches are clean and white with the turquoise waters lapping the sands gently. You will find out-of-this-world underwater reefs that are the scuba diving hotspots in the region. The colonial cannons and harbors speak volumes of the islands’ historical past. The experts at White Villas have put together this list of 5 activities to do in the Turks and Caicos.

  1. Kite Surfing

The Turks and Caicos is arguably one of the best locations in the planet for kite surfing. Shallow and turquoise waters, consistent trade winds and the warm climate make these islands the perfect kiteboarding spot for vacationers here. In addition, Long Bay beach is also home to some of the top rated kite schools in the Caribbean and kite surfing here is an experience you cannot afford to miss.

Local operators provide you all the kite surfing equipment you need and the experienced and certified professional instructors can give you lessons as well. Experienced kitesurfers can opt for tailored adventure packages that take them out to deserted sea lagoons where they can challenge far stronger swells.

  1. Snorkeling

You have the option to either hire a water excursion company or strike out from the beach to experience the amazing reefs and beautiful waters with the vibrantly colored fish swimming around peacefully. Talbot’s Adventures offers specialized Turks and Caicos kite surfing, boating excursions, tours, and fishing charters and you can snorkel at the best spots in the Turks and Caicos.

  1. Fishing charters

If you visit during January-April, the weather is extremely pleasant. You can charter whale spotting boats and take in the impressive sight of the amazing humpback whales as they head southward towards the warm waters of Silver Banks, which is where they eventually give birth. There are different charter packages to choose from and you enjoy the thrill and excitement of exploring various off the beaten paths

  1. Stand-up paddle boards

Explore the beauty of these Islands standing on paddleboards. The Turks and Caicos offer numerous paddle boarding opportunities. There are hidden islands and turquoise waterways that can be accessed only via Stand Up Paddle Boards. You have the option to rent boards and create your own journeys or let local operators craft a great stand up paddle boarding experience for you.

  1. Diving

Many diving operators conduct tailored snorkeling excursions just off the Pillory Beach. The conditions in these areas are perfect for diving; you will spot stingrays, eagle ray fish, and spotted just about 300-400 yards from the sandy shore. The beaches have smaller waves and powdery white sand that make them the perfect place for any beachgoers that are looking  for some quiet and relaxation.

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