Geffton Island is a nature reserve and one of the first reserves located in the Red Sea, which consists of several islands of different sizes, we will learn about Jeffton Island in detail in the following paragraphs.

Jeffton Island was initially one large island, but after a split broke into several islands:

1 – the large island of Jiftun and an area of ​​18 km2, and extends along the coast of the city of Hurghada almost and up to 11 kilometers.

2 – the island of Gifton small and is located in the southern part of the large island and an area of ​​approximately 3 square kilometers, and the length of Faisal to about 8 kilometers

3 – To reach the island of Jiftun we have to ride a boat or a private yacht from Hurghada Marina, and you can enjoy a lunch on board this boat with a calm and relaxed atmosphere amidst the charming landscape


This island is more spacious than the southern part of the northern part.

– The island of Jiftun is one of the most important tourist islands, which is the only tourist and visitors, it is a very important source of national income, where the tourism activity strong developed.

– The island contains 14 sites of the most beautiful and wonderful sites, and is a basic site for diving in Hurghada.

– Gifton is characterized by its soft white sand, its magnificent beaches, its pure sea, its calm waters, its enchanting scenery and its dry atmosphere.

– There are many types of coral reefs under pure water, colorful fish and aquatic reptiles. The most important marine creatures on this beautiful island are the dolphins, which attract many Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners.

– Jepton Island is a major habitat for beautiful seagulls, where there are large numbers of birds and birds, where nearly half of the world’s seagulls live.

– The law put a lot of taboos and prohibitions that prevent its work, such as hunting, transporting or killing marine or wild animals.


– This island is a source of livelihood for a number of operators in the field of tourism.

– The island receives about 188,000 visitors and tourists every year, ie between 40 and 60 visitors a day, attracting nearly 12% of the total visitors to the Red Sea.

Top Hotels near Jifton Island:

– Hilton Hurghada Plaza is a 5 star hotel located just 10 minutes drive from Hurghada Marina.

– Arabella Hurghada Hotel is a 4-star hotel located just a 10-minute walk from Hurghada Marina.

Geffton Island Official Site:

Official page of Jeffton Island on Facebook:

Top 10 Luxor trip from hurghada Tourist Attractions:

  1. valley of the kings
  2. Hatshepsut temple
  3. Karnak temple
  4. Luxor temple
  5. Collossi of Memmnon
  6. Luxor museum
  7. Valley of the nobels
  8. Luxor West Bank
  9. Luxor Western Rites
  10. Flight of the Flying Baron

Best Hurghada Diving Sites in Hurghada Red Sea:

  1. Gotta Abu Nugar North in Hurghada Egypt
  2. Abu Ramada North and South in Hurghada Egypt
  3. Abu Minkar in Hurghada Egypt
  4. Ras Disha in Hurghada Egypt
  5. Umm Dom (Stoney beach) in Hurghada Egypt
  6. El Mina Wreck (Harbour Wreck) in Hurghada Egypt
  7. El Minya Wreck in Hurghada Egypt
  8. Sacqua Abu Galawa in Hurghada Egypt
  9. Shaabaha in Hurghada Egypt
  10. Anchor Hurghada, Egypt

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