Follow These Tips To Score Great Deals on Hotels Booking in Goa

Goa is one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the country and is busy all year round with a large number of tourists flocking to its beaches. Apart from its beaches, Goa also offers historical sites, cultural centres and a large number of food joints serving authentic Goan cuisine. One look at the architecture and culture reveals a heavy Portuguese influence and makes for an interesting study. If you are finally taking that long-awaited Goa trip but do not want to spend a fortune on accommodation, make sure you keep in mind these tips to find cheap Goa hotels and get some great deals on hotel bookings.


  • Get your location right

Depending on where you want to stay, the probability of you finding an affordable deal will vary. If you plan to stay in the more popular and very much in demand North Goa, chances of finding an economical deal might be less due to simple demand-supply mechanics. North Goa includes the popular beaches of Baga, Anjuna and Calangute and often have heavy demand. You may choose to stay in South Goa where there is a higher chance of you finding discounts, packages and offers that suit your budget.


  • Book well in advance

While a spontaneous trip to Goa does sound good, it is advisable to get your bookings done well in advance to avoid any surge in pricing. Since there are no clear peak seasons in Goa, the hotels are busy all year round, but if you are booking way ahead of your trip, you may find hotels offering deals to cut your expenses. Make sure your dates do not collide with the Goan carnival or any other major festivals being celebrated here.


  • Compare and choose

There are a number of sites that offer accommodation in Goa, and as such there are a large number of hotels present there as tourism is the main source of the economy there. No one site will be able to offer you all the options, so make sure you check and compare prices to get the best rates and deals. Since Goa is a popular destination, most sites want to attract the tourists and offer great deals on bookings, so make you are diligent in your search. Some sites also offer a joining bonus, and the credit can be used to bring down your hotel booking costs.


  • Bring people along

Goa can be expensive if you are going alone and often, hotels offer deals on large bookings. Gather a group of friends to take advantage of the numbers to get a discount or a great package. Some resorts also offer entire villas to be rented, and the break up for a larger crowd will definitely mean less cost per person. Even if you opt for single rooms, a bulk enquiry will ensure that you get a lower price than quoted. With a larger group, you can, thus, enjoy slashed prices and more fun.


  • Look out for flash sales

There are a large number of people that prefer to book through a third party site that hosts a number of hotel options. The trend to book through the hotel website has been replaced with these sites that house a number of alternatives. With the increase in competition among portals that host hotel bookings, there is a trend to offer flash sales where they offer steep discounts for a limited period of time. They even throw in some extra facilities to capture the audience. In your run-up to the trip, make sure you watch out for these flash sales that can considerably cut down your expenses.


Make your Goa trip fun, memorable and affordable with cheap Goa hotels and explore all that it has to offer. Goa is preserved in a bygone era, and its warm, friendly people are a cherry on top.

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