What is your ESTA status?

Do you know about the greatest traveling freedom of travel to the US for the citizens of member countries of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)?

This amazing opportunity is termed as an Electronic System of Travel Authorization or ESTA. To fully enjoy the luxury of traveling to the USA provided by ESTA, you need to be fully informed about all ESTA updates. The complete process of applying and obtaining ESTA Visum (visa) and in case of already having an ESTA checking your ESTA status before traveling is the basic and important factors to know.

Once you understand the basics of ESTA, there is no difficulty in finding a way to check its status and renew it if necessary. It is a disclaimer that renewing ESTA is not possible, but you need to apply for a new ESTA every time. Considering the replacement of old ESTA authorization with the new one can be termed as ESTA renewal.

Why it is necessary to check ESTA status?

Being a citizen of one of the participant countries of the visa waiver program, you mostly find no need for obtaining a visa for short trips. ESTA is your primary requirement to travel to the US. But just like a regular visa, ESTA visum also have a limited time frame to use it. It is clear now that after your ESTA visum expiry date you will not be granted entry to the United States.

You must have to know the expiration date of your ESTA visum before making any further plans for the US. It is a general observation that many people fail to check their ESTA status because they don’t know the basics of obtaining and using an ESTA or maybe they lack simple knowledge about the process of ESTA status checking.

How to check ESTA status?

ESTA applications are filled and checked online in a digital form and there is no paperwork involved in the process. The entire process of filling, obtaining, checking, and renewing ESTA visum can be done from your workplace or home in an easy manner at any time.

Relatively this process also allows quick checkup of your ESTA visa status. There is no need to waste time and effort while waiting for an answer in some sort of paper format and you can quickly fill an ESTA application for the renewal of ESTA visum if it is necessary. This entire process is no longer than a few minutes and you only need to provide your passport details, full name with personal information, email, phone number, and information of country you have citizenship of. After filling the form online, you have to wait for the official answer regarding the validity of your ESTA.  After receiving the official answer, you can easily decide between traveling with the current ESTA visum for your next visit to the US and going to the renewal process.

Renewal process:

If you are in need to obtain a new ESTA before traveling to the USA, you have to fill the ESTA application form and for assistance in Germany, you can get assistance from estaexpress24.com.

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