Tasting at Lake Orta, to discover typical dishes 

Lake Orta offers a wide range of hotels and restaurants that meet the needs of anyone who wants to stop and eat here. There are many restaurants that represent the flagship of Cusian hospitality and hospitality: from the hotel with a terrace overlooking the lake, to the one created between the ancient walls of a monastery or with a superb panoramic view, up to the hotel in mountains, a short distance from the ski slopes of Mottarone or at the restaurant with tables by the lake, under a refreshing pergola loaded with bunches of grapes. From the luxury restaurant to the more rustic one, the common denominator is always to offer the taste of hospitality of lake gastronomy, rich in typical, traditional and creative dishes that preserve the taste of genuine foods of a past rich in human stories and events.


And Lake Orta is really “a lake on a human scale” because – as Mario Bonfantini wrote – it can be embraced by a single glance. From the top of the Madonna del Sasso, from Mottarone, from the heights of Egro above Cesara, between the valleys of Quarna and the many balconies that overlook it, from one side or the other, which offers the visitor the gift of its great beauty, sweet, unobtrusive, which invites you to meditate while contemplating, to stop time on a place you would never want to leave.


On Lake Orta the offer of restaurants is very refined and refined; the town is full of taverns, restaurants created in old hotels and residences, you can find “soul food” halfway between tradition and innovation … but let’s come to the dishes that you can find: the excellent “Piedmontese cod” “browned in oil and anchovies; the famous “bagna cauda”, and I advise you not to miss the “trout in carpione”, and the “panissa” a risotto with beans, lard, barbera, and sausage.


One villa at Orta Lake, among the best places to taste the delights of the place in the province of Novara is the Villa Crespi restaurant, a fabulous building complete with a minaret that will leave you speechless, not only for the scenery but also for the dishes proposals that perfectly combine regional cuisine and Italian cuisine. The restaurant also offers wine tastings and typical dishes.

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