Game of Thrones can give you major travel goals. With the beautiful locations and alluring storyline, your bucket list of places to visit must have increased considerably after watching the famous series. Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like going to Winterfell or the King’s Landing or even beyond The Wall? You thought they aren’t real? Here is a list of the real locations and in case you are wondering how to plan the trip, TripHobo is just a click away!

Beyond the wall – Iceland

Though the whitewalkers may have never really enticed you, wouldn’t it be amazing to go beyond the wall? It is the easiest to create the set for the north of the wall at Iceland due to easy connectivity. Fly to Reykjavik and drive to any active glaciers and hola! You just need to imagine some screeching half dead human beings there to get the actual feel.

Winterfell – Northern Ireland

Envied the Stark kids for having such a beautiful castle? It is not unreachable, you know? Located just south of Belfast, Castle Ward is the real Winterfell. If you remember the Winterfell’s courtyard, it is actually the exterior of Castle Ward. Now the castle is open to the public with restaurants, theatre and gift shops inside.

King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik has been one of the favourite tourist destinations after the roads are transformed into those of King’s Landing. The capital city of Westeros, King’s Landing in GOT is the place that has unfolded many remarkable events. A GOT fan who loves travelling will never miss a chance to set their feet at King’s Landing.

Qarth – Lokrum Island, Croatia

While visiting King’s Landing here is your chance to visit Qarth which was shot at Lokrum Island, technically a part of Dubrovnik. Lokrum Island is as beautiful; as you have seen Qarth in the series. The family of peacocks will come and greet you. You can visit the local monastery there and walk down the roads taken by none other than Khaleesi herself.

Dothraki Sea – County Antrim, Northern Island

As you loved Khaleesi, you have also started loving the Dothrakis. How can you miss the scenic beauty of the place where the Dothrakis used to stay? How can you not visit a place of such rugged beauty? The isolated rugged landscape and the Glens of Antrim were shown as a part of Dothraki Sea in the series.

Dorne – Seville, Spain

The Alcázar of Seville is a royal palace in Seville which was shown In GOT while Prince Doran of Martell was overlooking Dorne from the back of the palace. The palace is beautiful and has always attracted tourists with its amazing architecture, but now that you know it is beautiful Dorne, how can you give it a miss?

Now that you know about a few locations where your favourite television series was shot, plan your trip before the next season hits the small screen. You never know you can spot your favourite stars shooting there for the next season? If not that, you can at least have a memorable experience while walking down the roads that you have already seen on TV.

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