Munnar – a place to cherish in Kerala

If a hill station is a place which you want to visit then Munnar is your destination in the God’s own country of Kerala.  It is located at 1700 metres of sea level.  It has a pleasant climate throughout the year and is famous for its green hills and tea plantations.  This place is rich in flora and fauna and houses some of the most exquisite and endangered species.


Atukkad waterfalls are a must on the tourist list in Munnar.  It is a serene place with secluded cascades.  That is why it is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year.  It is also a great trekking spot in Munnar.  There is a small tea shop close to the falls which is also a perfect view point for the falls and one can have the luxury of sipping a hot cup of cardamom tea as well as side by side watching the water gushing down the falls.

Tea Plantations

This is South India’s largest tea growing region.  The rolling hills around Munnar are carpeted in emerald-green tea plantations.  The low mountain scenery over here is magnificent.  One can find oneself above the clouds watching mist clinging to the mountain tops here.

Dolmens of Muniyara

The Dolmens of Muniyara are located in the village Marayur and can easily be frequented by a taxi or car.  It houses the Neolithic burial chambers and is a famous archaeological site in Kerala.  These above ground buriyal chambers are build with stone slabs and are also called ‘megaliths’.  One can take a breathtaking view of the mountains covered in lush green vegetation from this place.

Echo Point

It feels so nice when your voice echoes back to your ears.  These are phenomenon which only nature can understand.  This place in Munnar is home to the rare Kurunji flower.  It is named after the echo phenomenon which occurs at this spot.  There is a beautiful lake on the side of a hillock.  It is frequented mostly by young tourists.  One can do camping over here apart from taking photos.

Rajamalai National Park

The forest over here is at an elevation of 2000 meters above sea level.  It is home to several endemic and rare species of flora, fauna and reptiles. One can spot endangered species like Leopart, tiger, NilgiriTahr, Gaur, Sambar deer, Dhole, Jungle Cat over here.

Top Station

At a distance of 40 Kilometres from Munnar it is one of the famous spots in Kerala.  This place is located at a height of 1800 meters above sea level. The tourists can take breathtaking views of the mountains and walk among the clouds.  It is a great experience to be at this place.  The drive to Top Station is a bit long but one can have beautiful views of tea gardens and two dams on the way.


It is a place which finds mention in Mahabharata.  The Pandavas visited this place during their exile.  This is a historic place also which is famous for its dolmens and rock paintings.  It is the only place where one can find natural sandalwood forests in Kerala.  This place is also famous for its medicinal plants and herbs.


For the Honeymoon couple

Pedal boating at the Kundala Lake which costs Rs. 150 per couple for each hour is a popular activity.  The fresh mountain air gives you a feeling of well-being.  The mist-clad hills are a treat to the naked eye.  The name Kundala comes from Asia’s first arch dam and is famous for NeelaKurunji flowers which blossom once every twelve years.



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