Essential tips for travelling in a large group

Group trips involve a lot of fun and frolic. A group trip results in photo albums full of incredible memories to cherish. Travelling in big groups gives scope for a lot of learning and discoveries. Thus, to make your group trip the most memorable one, we are with a list of instructions which will prove to be very handy during the trip.

Division of work

A group trip involves a lot of responsibilities. It is not possible for a single person to take care of everything. Therefore you can always divide the work. Say you are going on a bachelorette party trip to Goa. One of you can take care of the requirements of Bangalore to Goa flights. Another can plan on the places to visit. Likewise, responsibilities can be divided to make the task easier.

Be organized

Keep everything systematic and organized to avoid any kinds of clashes. In group travel, it is very important for everyone to be on the same page. Being organized is important especially in taking and making payments. You can make use of the different payment apps and e-wallets to manage money.

Book your flights

Book your Bangalore to Goa flights in advance because it is not very easy to get those many tickets if you book it last minute. Also book your flights online. Bulk ticket bookings have fantastic offers and discounts.

Consider renting a house or booking a resort

If you are planning a bachelorette party or a family reunion, renting a home is always a good idea. It can save a lot of money, and at the same time, it will be a big beautiful place for lots of fun. You can even cook food on your own if you are interested. There are many websites on the internet which can help you find homes to stay during a trip.

If it is not possible for you to rent a house, go for resorts. Even resorts are great places for fun.  They have places where everyone can enjoy. They have spas, golf courts, play area for kids, kite sailing, party halls and much more.

Consider everyone’s opinion

When you are on a group trip, ensure that everyone has a say. Having a unanimous verdict in a big group is almost impossible. But give equal importance to everyone’s opinion. Create a poll to take a decision. This will avoid clashes.


Improper or unclear communication can ruin everything. Therefore ensure that everything related to the trip is rightly communicated to every member. Creating a whatsapp group can be really helpful. All the important communication can be done in the group.

Pre-plan few group activities

Plan a few group activities like having a campfire or a little bit of dancing or games like truth and dare etc. These activities will keep the group together, and some fun along will also help us make new friends.

Spend some time with yourself

Travelling in a group does not mean that you need to always stick to each other. You can always split up and have some time for yourself. Maybe sit on a lonely rock on the hilltop and feel the freshness of the wind, on your face or walking alone on the sea-shore feeling the beauty of the setting sun. So always spend some time with yourself.

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