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Denver is regarded as the ‘Mile High’ city. When I first visited Denver, I was so happy to be a part of some of the unique attractions of the world such as solving a murder mystery while dining, being at a site comparatively higher than the Niagara Falls, and discovering who survived the Titanic mishap. Due to these captivating draws, I could hardly explore the other Denver attractions such as its museums, parks, trekking tours and shopping sites. I was actually thinking that if its distinct attractions are so alluring, then the common Denver attractions also would be worth visiting. So, this time I planned to visit this metropolitan might again to explore its left behind gems.


My Trip

In Westminster, the Butterfly Pavilion was the first among all the Denver attractions in my hit list. This is where the knowledge of science is imparted via interactivities to inform the tourist about the invertebrates and preservation. Out of the total five alluring displays, the rainforest housing over 1000 flying tropical butterflies is a must to see, irrespective of whether there are kids with you or not. Next, I visited the Denver Art Museum along with its new section, the Hamilton Building planned by the famous architect Daniel Libeskind. The collections are a great tribute to the art skills of the artists around the world.


The Denver Museum of Nature and Science welcomes people of all ages. Discovered by the city’s naturalist Edwin Carter in 1900, it was previously named as the Natural History Museum. Today, the site offers education and fun via over 1 million artifacts from across the globe. I then visited the Washington Park also called as the Wash Park. Regarded as among the most superb parks in the city, this 165-acre lush land offers a famous running or biking trails in the city, two picturesque lakes, and the largest flower garden of this Mile High city. The trails are so famous that it is always thronged by people at any time.


The Coors Field Baseball Stadium functioning since 1995 is the home of the Colorado Rockies, one of the youngest teams in the Major League Baseball and also a part of the National League. Holding the capacity of 50,455 admirers, the stadium is a major venue of the baseball game.


On the University Boulevard, the Enstrom Candies in the Cherry Creek site is simply not at all worth missing. These are the ones to be honored with the “the best we ever tried” by the Washington Post and “the gold standard” by the New York Times. They are tempting almond toffees made from butter, sugar, paper shell California almonds, and Guittard chocolate. Some other candies including such components are Madagascar vanilla, Meyer lemons, Ceylon cinnamon, home-made ice cream, and coffee beverages.



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